Why CTech?

A strong emphasis on engineering and innovation

CTech Exclusive Features

Functional Features you’ll only find with CTech

MotionLatch® Drawers & Doors

MotionLatch®: The original one-hand, one-motion latching drawer system keeps your drawers and doors closed, but able to open with fingertip effort.

MotionLatch® comes standard on all products.

Powder Coat Finish

We powder coat all components in-house prior to assembly, resulting in a tough, lasting finish. 10 standard colors are available for most products with custom colors also open for an additional cost.

Radius Corners

A staple of CTech storage, radius corners provide extra structural strength and a unique stylistic touch to our carts and cabinets. The smooth corners also help reduce painful bumps and run-ins with your storage solution in tight spaces.

Aluminum Construction

By using 5052 aluminum alloy and fastener construction, our storage solutions are lighter and better suited to mobility than the competition. Fastener construction also allows individual panels and components to be replaced in the event of an accident.

Adjust-A-Loc™ Shelving

Adjustable in 1″ increments, our adjustable shelves also lock in place. Thus making sure that your shelves stay put during transit but remain infinitely re-adjustable.

CTech in 1994: a small team with big ideas

From its founding, CTech championed a culture of world-class engineering and innovation. Our small team of engineers crafted personalized solutions, never-before-seen features, common-sense designs, and intricate integrations that caught the attention of many industries. But what turned that attention into close, sustained relationships was CTech’s commitment to service and excellence. We count on our valued customers’ feedback as it fuels every refinement we make. And our customers—who depend on storage to get the job done—count on us.

red car parked in front of red metal cabinets
fourwheeler in garage with white metal cabinets

Decades of industry-specific storage expertise.

Our reputation for customer service is the result of a tight-knit front office team with decades of storage expertise across industries. Undertaking a storage project can be daunting, but our Product Line Managers are always a phone call or email away to help with custom solutions, storage tips, product support, and more.

Making custom storage accessible

We believe you shouldn’t have to settle for off-the-shelf, modular storage units. So we’ve spent nearly 30 years making custom storage accessible for all. Thanks to automated design tools and continuous reinvestment in manufacturing technology, we can deliver custom solutions faster, better, and with better service than the competition. Our new online product-builders allow you to build custom storage solutions from the comfort of home or the office with nothing but an internet connection—a true representation of our commitment to more accessible custom storage.

white crossover vehicle with metal cabinets
fourwheeler in garage with white metal cabinets

No detail too small.

Our 156,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Weston, Wisconsin, is responsible for designing and manufacturing every storage solution from scratch. Products start life as flat sheets of aluminum and leave as fully assembled, high-performance storage solutions. We do our own sheet metal work, powder coating, plastic injection molding, assembly, and everything in between. That level of control over the manufacturing process results in unmatched final build quality and long-lasting value.

Customer-driven solutions.

CTech prioritizes our close connection with industry partners and customers. It’s their feedback that drives CTech’s development of new products, options, and refinements. In 2019 we opened a brand new research & development facility just down the road from our headquarters to focus specific engineering efforts on next-generation storage solutions.

white crossover vehicle with metal cabinets
fourwheeler in garage with white metal cabinets

Long lasting value and performance.

Storage can be hard to budget for, but you can be sure that your dollars are best spent with CTech. A stunning example of longevity—our original pit carts are still in service today after decades of travel and thousands of race weekends. Specific product features like aluminum construction and fastener assembly help make this longevity possible.

No matter what industry, we guarantee a superior product

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