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You take your job seriously. So do we. That's why we created CopBox Cabinets. CopBoxes keep your team's gear where it's secure and readily accessible–because nothing should get between the call and your response.
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Make your trunk safer and more efficient with copbox cabinets®

CopBox Cabinets® represent a more sustainable approach to tactical trunk storage. With revolutionary mounting technology, CopBox cabinets can be easily transferred into newer vehicles. Saving time and money for your department.

Responder CopBox (40″) One-Drawer

Patrol CopBox (40″) One-Drawer

Tactical CopBox (40″) One-Drawer

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CTech’s Exclusive CopBox Cabinet® Features

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“I could not be happier with my P40-301 CopBox with optional locking lid. The fit, finish and build quality is superb. The added versatility of being able to take this same CopBox from my 2013 Interceptor SUV to a 2018 Expedition SSV is awesome.”

Sheriff Mark D. Bollinger

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office

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Put copbox cabinets® to work
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